Sarathena Design Studio



Meera Chawla

Allied ASID

T: 408.406.1486


As the daughter of a diplomat, Meera formed a taste for cultures at a young age. Her affinity for people of all walks of life was paired with her love for art and design that she found around her. Traveling and living with the architecture, interiors and lifestyles of people throughout India, Europe and North & South America inspired her to put thought into how and why design affects our lives.

With degrees in International Business and Interior Design, as well as her involvement in the American Society of Interior Design (ASID), she has earned a unique, critical perspective on the craft. Paired with her youthful inspirations, this allows her to curate a space as well as she can empathize with those who live within its walls.

Her sincere and personal approach helps each client achieve the best of their desired lifestyle while staying on budget. Her roots are classical, yet her approach is contemporary. Color, texture, pattern and materials each carry their own momentum within a space. At the end of the day, an interior needs to be as functional as it is emotional. So with each of her clients, she strives to create the type of balanced, harmonious space that truly strikes a cord with them. A space that resonates every day with a note that is entirely their own.